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As this is my first year with the bar, I am only told what our busy dates are. Going back through revenue reports, there are some dates that are very busy for the bar, in which we will be running at full staff. Please be aware that the following dates will be blacked out for day off requests.

  • Valentines Day (tentative) – I am told this day, or July 3rd, will be the busiest of the year. I am still confirming plans for what we are going to do (if anything) for Valentines Day, or Valentines Day weekend.
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday thru Monday)
  • July 3rd and July 4th – There is a HUGE fireworks show on July 3rd at the marina
  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday thru Monday)
  • New Years Eve

This is not an all inclusive list, as there are other dates, including the weekend of the Long Beach Grand Prix and other special events in which we will be busy, but I am still confirming those.