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Hi everyone

It’s been a bit of a process, but I think I have a timetable and plan for the Marina Wine rebrand and rollout. This will be a coordinated effort that will conclude the last week of February with our participation in the Long Beach Restaurant Week.

First, the food menu. I am meeting with both Sysco and US Foods to choose a supplier. We are going to develop an amazing Tapas menu of about 12-16 tapas dishes that will be designed and created by one of the award-winning chefs on staff. We will have a combination of both hot and cold tapas (cold served from the fridge, hot heated in the oven) that will be easy and fast to assemble, using precooked meats, a variety of cheeses, vegetables, and unique garnishes. Each tapas dish should take no more than 3-4 minutes to create once properly trained and the kitchen setup properly. Once we get the menu finalized, we will hold a special training session, along with menu items, photos, and procedures for creating a consistent product each time.

In addition, both Sysco and US Foods will be able to provide high quality, unique and seasonal cheeses and meats from around the world. It will be a better selection and higher quality than what we currently are getting from my retail foods distributor.

Moving to Sysco or US Foods will be good for the bar. Many of the other wine bars in the area also work with both of these companies, so we are moving in the right direction. In addition, they deliver to BoatHouse and Ballast Point regularly, so we can order food one day, and get it the next day, which is great for our limited access kitchen.

Second, the remodel. The first priority is to knock down the wall and get the open air concept up. This will make such a huge difference in experience, and will create an entirely different atmosphere than what we have. If I can only do one remodel project, this would be the one.

I am meeting with contractors next week to go over the final remodel plans that I have prepared. There are three options, and once I have quotes and timeframes for each, I will select one and we will begin. The plans range from extensive to minimal/cosmetic, and the one that gets picked will all depend upon cost. Because of our small capacity and footprint, it does not make much sense to drop tens of thousands of dollars into a remodel, the ROI will be too great. Therefore, I may have to pick and choose which projects get done. The priorities are the roll up door, then bar relocation, cosmetic changes (color/paint/texture/etc.)

Finally, the timing. I have agreed to participate in the Long Beach Restaurant Week which will take place the last week of February. Although we may not have the full remodel done by then, it is my goal to have the food menu active, the roll up doors installed, and the new Marina Wine brand rolled out. For sure it will be quite a busy several weeks, but it will be exciting and will make a huge difference.

The final roll out of Marina Wine, with all completed remodels, will hopefully be no later than April when the weather gets warmer. I am planning for a HUGE spring and summer season, and I want to put our best foot forward in our first year.

Thanks for being a part of the team!