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Hi everyone,

There has been lots happening behind the scenes that I wanted to get you all caught up on, as many of these will affect you in one way or another..  We haven’t had a full staff meeting in quite a while, but we will be scheduling one in the very near future; in the meantime, here are some of the highlights and details of what has been happening:

Toast: Starting next week, we will be switching our POS from Clover to Toast.  The new Toast System will work in similar ways to Clover, however, instead of using paper credit card slips, we will go to electronic signatures.  In addition, we will have a device called Toast Go, which is a handheld ordering device that will allow you to enter food and drink orders and take payment right from the customers table.  It will have enhanced inventory tracking, food and beverage costing, and much more.  This system will allow us to do’s all of the other things I want to do at the bar.  More details and training will be provided on this as we get the system setup and installed.

Wine Club: The Marina Wine Club will start in July,  In the months of May and June, the goal is to get 50 people signed up for the club, which will cost $60 and include one red and one white bottle, or two red bottles.  Wine Club members will also get $5 off any bottle for on site consumption and food deals as well.  In addition, one night per month will be member night, where the wine club members can pickup their bottle of wine, as well as sample new food/menu ideas and the featured wine flight of the month.  When we enable Toast, you will be able to sign up a customer directly from the keypad and setup their credit card for recurring charges.  For the first 50 members, we will be reducing the monthly fee from $60 to $45, and each server that signs up new members will also get a one time cash bonus for each member.  The club kicks off in July, which will be here before you know it!

Happy Hour: We are bringing in two new wines specifically for Happy Hour, a white and a red.  These will only be available during happy hour, 4pm-6pm, for $5 per glass.  We will also be doing beer specials during happy hour as well, plus new personal sized appetizers for $4 each.  My goal is to have people lined up outside for when we open at 4pm.  Right now, we usually do little to no business from 4pm-6pm, this is something I want to change right away, and a well promoted, strong, quality happy hour is what I am hoping will get this done.

ServSafe:  It has been brought to my attention that each employee will be required to have a food handlers card.  Therefore, everyone will have 30 days from today to obtain it.  If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.  Please provide your certificate of completion to me before the 30 day deadline.

Wine Flights: We have moved the wine flight menu onto a separate sheet, so when people come in, be sure to talk to them about the flight.  There are two options for this month, an old world red flight, and a springtime white flight.  Each of the flights consist of five different 2-oz pours for $25.  When I sell it, I talk about the variety of wines, the ability to sample all sorts, and it being the equivalent of 2 full glasses of wine.  This is a simple, easy sell to people who aren’t ‘sure what they are looking for, so please be sure to talk to each of the guests about it when they sit down.

Promotional TV: The television above the beer taps has been setup to show upcoming promotions and events.  It should always be left on to cycle through the images.  Occasionally, I may call or text you to “reset” the system so that it can grab the new images for display.  Doing this is easy, and it is being run through the Apple TV.  I will talk you through how to do this later, but it is essentially pressing two buttons on the Apple TV remote.  Please do not mess with the Apple TV or the TV itself.  If there are any problems with the images displaying, please let me know.

Music:  We have been exploring quite a bit with what type of music to play at the bar.  Up until now, I have been pretty open as to what we can/should be playing.  However, I believe I have narrowed down the type and feel of what I am looking for.  More on this to come shortly once I can confirm my final selections.

Roll Up Door:  This seems to be the project that never ends.  As of now, building, engineering, and other departments have all approved the plans.  I am waiting for input from the fire department, and once I get that, we will e able to update all of the plans to incorporate the changes that everyone wants.  Once I get the new plans, they will go back to the city for review and approval, and once that’s is done, we can begin construction.  It should take 2-3 weeks after the permits are issued for the final work to be completed.


Dating Bottles:  When you open a new bottle, use a sharpie and write the date you opened the bottle.  For example, if your opened a bottle on May 6th, simply right “6” on the back side of the bottle in large enough numbers so we can see it.  This will help each of us know whether or not a bottle is good to serve or not.  Typically the wine should be good for 3-4 days from opening.  It is best we be proactive and not serve bad wine, as opposed to asking the customer if it was bad or not.  Knowing that is our job, not the customers.  Please begin this habit ASAP.

Storing cups: I have purchased food certified shelf covering so we can begin storing all of our wine glasses and beer glasses upside down.  By storing them upside down, dust, bugs, and other potential hazards cannot enter the glass.  The only exception are the stemless champagne flutes because they will tip over if stored upside down.

Sake: I have purchased two sake sets for serving, and new sake is in the to-go fridge.  When serving, pour one can of sake into the big sake cup, and present the empty cups to the customer, along with the big one.  Do not serve the sake in the can to the customer.m  This will be added to the menu at its next printing.


Taylor and I have been working behind the scenes to get menu procedures written up, along with photography of each item, so there is a consistent product that comes out of the kitchen each time.  Consistent in terms of portions, presentation, and quality.  This will be finalized soon, and we will do training on this as well.

Desserts:  The new butter tart is here!  There are various ways to prepare this, Taylor and I are working on determining which will be the best way and write this up in the new food prep guide as well.

Dishes:  The electronic washer should be in the wash bin, not the sanitizing compartment.  The procedure for cleaning glasses is wash, rinse, sanitize.  Then, let air dry, polish with a clean rag, then put back on the shelves.

Santizizer Bucket: There are two sanitizer buckets that must be prepared at the start of every shift, or every 6-8 hours for the weekend.  One should be placed behind the bar with a rag, and the other should be in the kitchen also with a rag.  Use this to wipe down any food prep surface, table, bar tops, etc.  However, do not use this on the floor or other places unless you change the rag and sanitizer solution afterwards. When preparing the sanitizer bucket, be sure to rinse it clean and be sure it is free of any dirt or debris before creating the solution.

Hand Washing Sink:  I have updated the handwashing sink in the kitchen with a new towel and soap dispenser.  Please use this regularly for hand washing, nothing else.  The handwashing sink should be used for handwashing only, and free from obstruction at all times.


We will be doing some big promotions for Memorial Day, July 3rd is the annual Big Bang on the Bay, and of course the July 4th weekend.  We will probably have almost everyone scheduled for the Big Bang event on July 3rd.  We will open at 2pm that day and close late, possibly 1am or so, and have live music all night.  More information on this event will be coming your way in the following months, including information about parking, transportation, etc.

I know this is a lot to take in right now, but all of the planning and preparation are about to be moved into execution phase, which is exciting.  Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!  Looking forward to a great summer!