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Hi everyone.

We are finally expecting a good weather weekend, and it has come right in time! This is just a reminder that your start time is firm. If you are scheduled for 6, that means you should be at the bar, in uniform and ready to work at 6, not almost there, not walking over, and looking for parking, but in the bar, in uniform, and ready for work.

On that note, as the weather gets warmer and the Marina gets busier, you should plan to allow for about 30 minutes to find parking and walk to the bar so you can be on time.

Finally, if you are scheduled for an opening shift, it is very very important you are on time. In the past, the five o clock wine bar had a bad reputation of not sticking to their posted operating hours. This is a very bad thing, one of my major pet peeves and I have no tolerance for late openings. For opening shifts, you are scheduled for 15 mins prior to opening to get setup and prepared so you are ready to accept customers at 4pm.

Attendance, customer service, quality and reliability are major and key factors in the bar operations.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.