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Hi everyone

A couple of weekends ago when Corday was here, I noticed that some of the customers had moved the stanchions out, expanding our patio space.  This was also noticed by other people at the property, including a boat owner and a the Boathouse on the Bay restaurant.  This has been the first and only time I recall seeing this done, however, please be on the lookout for this, as we cannot expand our patio beyond the existing boundaries that have been setup.  It is both an issue of safety, as we need to ensure there is ample room for people to pass by and allow for handicap access, plus, our boundaries have been defined by the lease and liquor license permits allowing us to serve only within our designated space.

If you see anyone moving the stanchions from its authorized location, please kindly inform the guests and return them to the approved location.  Always be on the lookout for this, especially on busy nights.

Thank you.