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Hi everyone

We have gone through an unusual high amount of propane recently. Maybe because of the cold weather, but that is not what is suspected.

Please be sure when turning on the firepits you reset them to the LOWEST SETTING POSSIBLE, not middle or high. The firepits are great for drawing people in, but they do not need to be set on the medium or high setting to accomplish that goal. If a guest wants to have the heat turned up, absolutely turn it up partially for them to HALF WAY, but it should never ben all the way on.

I’ve noticed that the flame and heat produced when it is at its highest level can create high flames, and when the wind blows, it can blow the flames as well to places they should not be. I’ve witnessed the flames almost catching a crumpled up napkin on fire.

Therefore, keep the flames on low, unless you receive a request to turn it up. In which case, turn it to the half way point, and return it back to its lowest setting after the guests are done.

Thank you.