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It seems like each week, there are multiple requests for shift trades and covers. I have been okay with this in the past, as my staffing philosophy with other businesses has been “I don’t care who is working, as long as someone is working.”

However, I am learning that with the wine bar, it does matter who is working during specific times. I have been watching, looking at revenue trends, opening/closing/cleaning habits, and otherwise generally observing the operations of the bar.

The shifts I schedule are based on a multiple of factors, from time off requests that were made properly in advance, availability, individual performance, weather concerns, group bookings, and more. I feel I need to take greater control of the schedule, and who works which sifts.

Because of that, once a schedule is published, trade or cover shifts will not automatically be approved, and can be denied. If you need time off, it is vital you make your requests in advance. Waiting for the schedule to get posted then making trades or adjustments afterward is no longer acceptable.

I know this may come as a bit of a hardship for last minute plans, however, as we move forward, I need to be more strategic about the who/when/why of staffing the bar.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank youj.