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Hi everyone

I know many of you know my feelings on social media reviews, but I wanted to lay out and clarify a few items.

For those who don’t know my thoughts, I feel that social media reviews are, for the most part, a generally accurate snapshot of how a business works, especially if there are many reviews saying many of the same things.  Then, there are odd reviews, where normally a business consistently gets 5 stars, but then there is one review that is a one-star review that completely contradicts all of the others.  These reviews are usually spam reviews, competitors, or other malicious attacks on the business that are baseless and have no credibility.

As much as I dismiss bad reviews, there are people that take them very seriously, therefore, we have to take them equally seriously.  However, there is some due diligence that I do to see if, in fact, the bad reviews are accurate, in which case, we will make the appropriate corrections.  Some of this due diligence includes looking up video footage of the time/date/situation, fact-checking the review, for example, one customer said “he” as the server multiple times, but when I checked the schedule for the day in question, there was no guy working.  When they said they ordered a menu item, I will verify that we sold that item during the time in question.  Many times these claims turn out to be false, in which I will (as nicely as possible) call the reviewer out on their claims as inaccurate.

I guess this is a long way of saying that every customer thinks they are the world’s greatest reviewer and their word means everything.  So as part of our service standards, it is imperative that you treat each customer with kid gloves.  Be friendly, smile, listen to their needs, comments, suggestions, and service their requests as if they are the only customer in the world.  Many people are looking for you to mess up so they can mention it in their reviews, so let’s work at ensuring we don’t give them any reason to say anything except nice things.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you