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Hi everyone

I was informed this morning that over the weekend, there was an incident and security breach at the upstairs restrooms. From what we have been able to determine, one of our wine bar customers (real, paying customer, not just some random person asking to use the bathroom) borrowed the restroom key and jammed the women’s door open so it can be accessed without a key. The following morning, building maintenance found a homeless person sleeping in it.

Upon further review of the video tapes, it turns out the couple also attempted to gain access to the building’s rooftop and the Bancap corporate office. Bancap is treating this very seriously as they consider it a security breach. They have contacted the authorities and will work to track them down. In addition, they have been permanently barred from the Alamitos Bay Marina, therefore, if you see them, please notify me immediately.

Below is a photo of the couple for your reference. We believe the guy’s name is Wade. They paid cash so we were unable to gather any other information about him.

Because of this incident, Bancap is asking us to double check the bathroom doors at the end of the night before we leave. Therefore, at the end of every shift, please do a quick trip up to the restroom and ensure the doors are locked and secured.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and also please let me know IMMEDIATELY if you see this couple again.

Thank you.